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University Opportunities Programmes


ILBC University Programme is intended for students who are currently attending or who have attended Secondary 4 to Secondary 6 at ILBC, and who are interested in pursuing higher education or vocational training. The programme is aimed at providing students with information about various academic and career opportunities. Students will learn about the latest developments in education including scholarship programmes, academic courses, and community engagement initiatives. This is a great opportunity for students to gain knowledge and insights about higher education and make informed decisions about their future. For a start, two institutions and two universities are introduced below.

  • Oral Robert University Online Degrees USA
  • Sejong University South Korea
  • ASIAN Nursing Scholarship Singapore
  • Republic Polytechnic Diploma Singapore

ORU – Oral Robert University Online Degrees USA

  • Oral Roberts University is an accredited university located in the USA.
  • The university offers a range of online undergraduate programmes; details can be found on the school’s website: https://oru.edu/
  • Students have the option to choose between on-campus or online learning.
  • If there are at least 20 students enrolled in the online programme, classes will be offered following the Myanmar time. However, if students wish to connect with other foreign students, they may opt for the classes following the USA time.
  • Students are free to choose yearly programmes based on their preferences; this allows them to tailor their education to their interests.
  • ILBC students who are really interested in ORU Online Undergraduate Programmes may contact the ILBC University Coordinator via the Front Office at recdept@ Also, students can send messages through Microsoft Teams or contact 09400777780 or 09400777790 for further information.


Sejong University South Korea

  • Sejong University is located in South Korea, 30 miles away from Seoul. It is the top Korean university in research and collaborations, and stands 41st in the 2022 Asia University Rankings.
  • Secondary 6 students may apply to Sejong University.
  • Though some programmess are delivered in English,  students need to study the Korean language as it is the medium of instruction in Sejong University.
  • Students who joined Sejong University may live in the university dormitory.
  • Also, students may have the opportunity to take on part-time jobs.
  • The degree programmes offered at Sejong University can be found on their website: http://en.sejong.ac.kr/
  • For further information, students may contact the ILBC University Coordinator via the front office at recdept@ They may also send messages through Microsoft Teams or contact 09400777780 or 09400777790 for further information.


ASIAN Nursing Scholarship Programme Singapore

  • The ANS Programme is a 3-year Diploma programme. Upon graduation, students are required to work for 6 years in one of the Public Healthcare Institutions . Then students can stand as professional licensed nurses.
  • Students will attend the course at Ngee Ann Polytechnic (https://www.np.edu.sg/) or Nanyang Polytechnic (https://www.nyp.edu.sg/)
  • Secondary 6 students are welcome to join the ASIAN Nursing Scholarship Programme.
  • Secondary 5 students can also apply for the programme and they will sit the first intake after their Secondary 6.
  • Accommodation and a monthly allowance of S$750 will be provided in the first year. Singapore dollars.
  • In the second year, students may choose to stay outside on their own; in such case, another 500 S$ will be provided.
  • This programme accepts 100 students every year.


Republic Polytechnic Diploma Singapore

  • ILBC will arrange an appointment for students to discuss their admissions inquiries with an Admission Officer from the Republic Polytechnic. During the appointment, students are encouraged to ask any questions they may have, including those related to entry requirements, available programmes, course content,  job prospects, salary range, etc.
  • Details can be found on their website: https://www.rp.edu.sg/


When applying to universities or institutions, students may seek assistance from the school, but it is important to note that the final decision for acceptance is made by the universities or institutions themselves.

If students have any questions related to applying to universities or institutions, they are encouraged to fill out the following form and submit it to ILBC. Our team will be happy to assist with any inquiries.

Link : https://bit.ly/ILBC_Uni_Prgm_Form