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Summer English Courses

Summer English Proficiency Course opens Monday through Friday and there are two sections available for students – morning section (8:00 to 11:00) and afternoon section (12:00 to 3:00).

What does this Summer EPC Programme offer and what are the benefits of attending this course?

Summer EPC offers a variety of activities. English language teaching together with a English through Information Technology, LETM programme (Learning English through Music) and PE class (Physical Education) will help students uplift their English and improve their confidence. Occasionally, students are taken to library for extensive reading and do movie projects which are suitable for their age group and level of proficiency. This summer course includes Thingyan festival, excursions and summer concerts to create an environment where students will feel safe and secure while they have fun, learn team work and make new friends.

The course provides opportunities for students to use and enhance their English progressively. Students can have a chance to explore new ideas and develop communication skills.

At ILBC, students will have a great time to learn English, build up their knowledge, understanding in English, confidence and social skills.

Programme Highlights

 Free registration
 Free text books
 Air-conditioned rooms
 Manageable small classroom size
 Audio visual aids
 English through Information Technology
 Physical Education programme
 LETM programme
 Library visits
 Movie projects
 Summer concerts
 School buses
 End-of-course report and completion certificate

How do we assess students’ language skills?

In each course, there are two tests – the progress test in the middle of the course and the end-of-course test in the end. In the test, six areas are tested – four language skills plus grammar and vocabulary. In addition, listening and speaking skills are assessed through activities and class work.

Who can attend this course?

English Proficiency Course is for students who like to upgrade their language skills. It has a range of levels – from beginner to advanced. Students are given placement tests before they join the course so as to determine the suitable level.

Course Period 18th March 2020 to 22nd May 2020
2 color photos (passport size) , Completed application form