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Summer EPC Courses are open in March every year.

English is an international language that opens that doorway to many new opportunities for those who master it. A whole range of national and international study and work options are available to those fluent in English. In the age of Information Technology, for example, a mastery of English unlocks the huge amount of information available on the internet and allows communications with people around the world through e-mail, G-mail and skype.
ILBC has developed a sequential English Language study programme that progressively improves the macro-skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing of the students who enter it. A series of modern, graded textbooks are used to build a strong foundation of grammar, vocabulary and usage that will enhance students’ learning in the macro-skills. These textbooks begin with language and subject matter suitable for children, progressing to textbooks suitable for youth and finally textbooks more appropriate for adults.
The programme is designed to be very interactive. So students are expected to take an active role in lessons. Music, discussion, arts & crafts, role plays and the like are used to create a lively classroom environment that maintains the students’ interest and encourages learning.