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Admission Policy

Prospective students and parents should be familiar with the school program, facilities, and student expectations. ILBC maintains high expectations for academic performance. The school promotes appropriate social activities, the appreciation of the Myanmar culture, and the personal fulfillment of each student.Admission is based on a review of records, past performance, age, maturity, class numbers, and acceptable performance on the schools screening assessments.


Parents should complete an application form, available from the office. Whenever possible, school records, grades, reports, and any standardized testing should be submitted from previous schools. ILBC reserves the right to request a copy of student records before a child is allowed to enroll at the school.Health records must be provided and children must be immunized per school policy. All children will be given a screening assessment to determine their best placement in the school. The screening will include a writing sample, math test, an informal interview to assess reading, speaking, and listening skills.

Documents Needed for Admission

Completed admission’s form
School records ( report card copies, transcripts, certificates, test scores)
Copy of passport (international students only)
All required fees and completion of billing form

Withdrawal Student Record

Students who are departing should hand carry their current records to their next school. These records will only be given to the parent of the child.